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Bosco and LolaBlack eyes bright, ears cocked
Prancing in circles, Lola
Dances for dinner

Bosco loves his mom
Loves her from his big pink nose
To his white-tipped tail

I sit in the heat
Of July with my laptop
And my cat napping

My arrogant cat
Wrap my legs then dart away
As you mock my love


Rachel is my friend
She is beautiful and smart
Never needs caffeine

In the quiet dusk
On the banks of the bayou
Your new life begins

Beautiful Lauren
People can’t believe when she
Walks into a room

Evan calls from France
We talk across the ocean
For a few moments

I dream you hate me
Spit taunts mock my tears
Drop me to my knees

When I am with you
The months without you vanish
And we are easy


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To speak of Marcus
I couldn’t say it in words
I could only sing

What do I see when
I look into your window
I see your heart ache

I have said goodbye
But your memory pulls me
Like a sad magnet

With fearsome knowledge
Passion poetry and prose
You battled for life

I dream of you now
You muscle into my sleep
Shaking me awake

You look hard at me
I redden under your gaze
You will not let go

Connections between
Strangers is what I live for
The thrill of the new

I don’t ask for much
Just a tryst perhaps to feed
My ravenous heart

The ache in my chest
Like the craving for a drug
One more love junkie

Blue ink floods the night
Your breath warm on my face
You whisper my name

One more time could I
Fall asleep with you clutching
Your crazy coiled hair

Good morning you say
Your voice thrilling me again
As when we first met


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When we first returned
There was no green here
No breeze stirred the dusty streets

Drowned trees stand upright
Brown lines wrap gaping houses
Quiet everywhere

Once again I’m home
Where all that’s the same is that
Nothing is the same

No color but brown
The smell like mustard and bleach
The stillness like ghosts

Nearly two years gone
And still there’s so much crazy
Strange: the new normal

New Orleans

Joy for life pumps the
Heart of this broken city
There’s no place like home

We have staked our claim
To this place with mighty heart
Hate has no home here

No neighbors next door
Just their house slowly rotting
To keep my counsel

In my neighborhood
Swollen summer mornings greet

Bayou dog-walkers



Sea sky houses hills
All splashed with the same palate
Makes me think of home

How to leave this place
When I know my memory
Can never keep it

When I leave New York
I feel like I’m leaving home
Not returning home

My second city
You pull me out of myself
When I need it most



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Razor-wire fences
Stench like clorox and boiled peas
Trapped men wait to die

Success is brittle
And regret is dry and sharp
Like the taste of salt

Time pushes at me
Knocking me off my balance
Devouring my dreams

Color slides off brush
Seeps into thick white paper
Staining memory

Just for one morning
What if I didn’t wake up
Spent the day in dreams

My mind is stubborn
It won’t bend to the demands of
A practical ilk




My house is too big
I wander too many rooms
And cannot find rest

Sometimes when you laugh
You laugh to keep from crying
Sometimes you just laugh

What does this to me
What dark force evicts joy and
Moves into my heart

I am solitude
Never lonely but alone
Well sometimes lonely

Easter arrived cold
A limp sun nudged the clouds but
Rain ended the day

I’m feeling Eli
Dread oozes into my chest
And I wait for it

These brutal mornings
Descend on me like a fog
Trapping me inside

Somewhere on the way
I forgot I could have rules
And so I broke them

Loneliness hits me
Like a sucker punch that I
Never saw coming

I feel like a rag
Plucked damp and limp from the sink
Soaped scrubbed and wrung out

Loneliness binds me
Trapping me within myself
Slaps my reaching hand

I come home alone
Bring in the pets pour some wine
Light a cigarette



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