Leaving again

I’m leaving again tomorrow morning for my second family wedding in two successive weekends. This time it’s my niece Jen, who’s marrying Dan in Spokane. I’m starting to panic–not as you might assume about why everyone in my family seems to be getting married but me–but about a) the report due Wednesday that I can’t seem to source; b) the two long flights; c) whether the drugs that keep me from ending up on the no-fly list will work; and d) leaving my pets.

That’s the worst lately, and it’s starting to scare me. Just now I was standing in the kitchen watching tiny Pip jumping on Lola to chew her ears and I thought, I can’t leave! And then when I saw my cat Jack had come in and he and Pip were sitting side-by-side in the open kitchen door watching the splashing rain I thought, I never want to leave this house again. And then I thought, Freak. To be honest what I really thought was, Animal-hoarder freak.

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