My mom online

One of the reasons I resisted blogging for so long was the navel-gazing nature I ascribed to it and everything it entailed: violations of privacy abound, and even when bloggers identify subjects with initials or pseudonyms, the circle knows who they are. And an online confessional can be a tough place to find yourself, even in disguise.

So now that I’ve actually started to blog I find myself constantly checking my inspirations: Topic A is on my mind, but if I write about it will I reveal too much about Subjects B, C, and D?

Which is why I’m delighted that today Topic A on my mind is my mom. If I didn’t know it before, I discovered this week that my mom has no boundaries. This week I learned that three years ago, in exchange for a free lunch, my mom agreed that Aubrey’s Restaurant Group could use her image, in whatever manner or medium they chose, apparently in perpetuity, to promote their product. Continue reading