When you came to me last night

When you came to me last night

Your hair was long and straight

With side-swept bangs

And you were wearing a tube skirt and a halter top.

You’d lost weight

And you looked nineteen.

And I said

“You look so young.

I could never be as beautiful now as you are.

I am so old.”

And you said nothing.

And we sat on my bed in the room we shared

In the house where we grew up

And we didn’t talk—

I just looked at you.

And you seemed distracted, like you had things to do

That didn’t concern me.

Then Dad called from downstairs

And you got up, and you left me there, on the bed,

Remembering that you both are gone.

4 thoughts on “When you came to me last night

    • Hi, Marlena–Thanks for stopping by my blog! I want to get back to it and this was my first attempt. I’d had a dream about my sister–who died three years ago–and this poem kind of wrote itself.

      • i thought it was you. the only thing that tripped me was room “we” shared. which, naturally, made me think it could be H, but i decided it wasn’t. that it was you, instead.

        read it again with you in mind and lemme know what you think. (this is john)

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