Your goodbye

“Can I call?”


I lie on the floor with the phone on my chest and the Bluetooth in my ear.

I feel the vibration, then hear the beeps.



“So…what’s up?”

“I’ve been thinking about it…

And  I can’t envision a scenario in which we could remain in each others’ lives.

You’re friends with my ex, and if you are on the periphery of my life,

What would stop you from saying to anyone I met,

‘Let me tell you about your new boyfriend.'”

And you’re right.Your ex and I are friends now—and yes, I would feel tempted to warn away

Anyone I saw  sucked into the orbit of “wonderful you.”

But even as a friend, I could never trust you now.I’d always be waiting for the other shoe to drop,

For you to say I blew up your chance at happiness…

After telling me I was your ticket to paradise.

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